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Our Night at the ADDY's: Branding, Advertising, & Creativity

Here at UNINCORPORATED, we've always known that our work is award-winning, we just never had the actual awards to back it up.

All that changed in March 2018, when UN entered and won two Los Angeles ADDYs. It was a long process getting here, starting with the initial question of "what in the world do we submit?" After all, we had many options from all our recent branding, creative, and marketing campaigns with our incredible clients and brands.



Letting quality lead is one of our brand principles.


Eventually, we arrived at two projects that stood above the rest for 2017: one, a series of branded marketing collateral for USC Iovine and Young Academy, and two, a website for the newly-established Barnes & Noble Kitchen. Turns out, both pieces won! Not bad for our first attempt at entering this competition.


Since it was our inaugural win, we decided to go all out and attend the awards gala, and boy, we are glad we did. It was a night full of inspirational work, storytelling, and networking.


American Advertising Awards were held at the Fonda Theatre in downtown Los Angeles

The Los Angles American Advertising Awards were held at the Fonda Theatre downtown.


We sent our Founder / CEO, Art Director, and Senior Developer to the event, and all of us came away with different insights.


Ian (CEO / Founder) said he was, "...humbled and inspired by finally winning an ADDY and having a seat at the table among the brightest creative minds in the industry." Agencies he has admired since starting his career were now in the same company as UNINCORPORATED. And, seeing the unexpected ways brands are using media, and strategic storytelling was very motivating. "You can see the limits of possibility" and it "fuels my desire to push our agency and create more immersive content," he said.


For Rebecca (Art Director), it was a reminder that every project starts with a story. Whether it's a web design project, a new brand identity or brand strategy, or an advertising campaign, the first step is always to figure out the story that you're trying to tell. If your campaign doesn't have a relatable, human story at its core, people won't connect to it. Sometimes the story might be totally illogical (Robots force-feeding someone ice-cream, for example), but there is still a story. Favorite work of the night was Tool's commercial for the Ad Council - Love Has No Labels


Mike (Senior Developer) shared that his big lesson was to dress for the venue, not the weather. He felt a little out of place in his yellow raincoat (though we thought he looked great!). But in all seriousness, the night confirmed for Mike that we could match the creativity and quality agencies with teams of 200 who were winning 20+ gold awards. Nothing that we saw win that night was outside of the realm of our capabilities, which is pretty awesome.



UN team repping at the ADDYs


Favorite moment of the night for all of us: Hearing UNINCORPORATED's awards announced. What a gratifying moment!


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