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The #1 Viral Video Campaign & Why It underperformed

Visible Measures and Advertising Age confirm that the #1 viral ad campaign on YouTube is an unknown hit.


The Blendtec "Will it Blend?" viral marketing series has surpassed all viral marketing and advertising campaigns based on total views. Blendtec's "Will it Blend?" series grinds up the viral advertising effort of big name brands. Here are a few of its closest competitors – Dove's Evolution, Evian's Roller Babies, Old Spice's Odor Blocker, and Pepsi's Rock You.


The 5 secret strategies of the "WILL IT BLEND" campaign

  1. Entertains the audience

  2. creates a memorable experience

  3. Shows off the superior quality & design of the product

  4. Sticks to the winning format

  5. Has fun with the process


All Good? Here's The problem.

Mr. Dickson is doing everything perfectly regarding branding and product differentiation. He is also creating a massive amount of organic, inbound traffic to the Blendtec website and product pages. What could be better? Based on what we have seen, there is still a widely missed opportunity to turn this traffic into an inbound marketing strategy, using a simple lead nurturing funnel.

By following the video's link through the campaign's landing page, there are no CTA's, no ways to engage with the brand further, and no way for the viewer to give Blendtec their permission to continue the conversation. This oversight is a BIG miss given the goldmine they found with this top performing series of media.


Viewers have watched the "Will it Blend?" series over 134 million times – a remarkable milestone of viewership. However, there is no conversion taking place on their landing page!


It's clear that Blendtec's profit growth is directly attributed to the viral videos.

But imagine what this profit growth would look like if there were just a small amount of marketing automation built into their digital marketing strategy. 


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